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Hi! I'm Kylee.

Oklahoma’s Pregnancy and Postpartum Counselor
I help pregnant and postpartum moms ditch the overwhelm and live joyful, fulfilled and present lives by creating mental wellness.

Online Counseling, Courses and Community for Mamas During Pregnancy, After Birth and Throughout the Early Years of Motherhood.

You can create a life of joy and fulfillment mama. You are not alone.

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How Can You Thrive In Motherhood?

Individual Counseling

Work with me one on one to improve your mood, take control of your mental health and begin to find fulfillment in your life and in your motherhood. 

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Group Counseling

Join a group of like minded moms to learn practical skills to improve your mood, take control of your thoughts and bond with your baby.

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Join The New Mom Squad

Join the online community of pregnant and new moms who are working together to learn practical ways to feel good, bond with their babies and live a fulfilled life. 

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Motherhood doesn’t have to be a struggle. Motherhood doesn’t have to mean doing everything for everyone else and having no time or energy left for yourself. You can be a fantastic mother to your children and have time for yourself, your needs and your interests. I'm here to show you how. 

Inside The New Mom Squad

Self Care for New Moms

Each month I will show you different ways you can incorporate self care into your daily life with little ones to improve your mood, reduce stress and begin to feel like yourself again. This includes practical activities, journal prompts and meditations. 

Improve Your Relationships

Each month we will talk about different strategies to improve communication and boundaries with loves ones to create more fulfilling relationships with friends, family and your spouse. 

You will also receive monthly printables with activities to increase your bond with your little one based on age from 0-24 months.

A Supportive Community

When you join the new moms club you gain access to a supportive community of new and pregnant mamas through our private online portal. You also get access to our monthly 'moms night in' where we gather together online with tea or wine and support each other. 


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