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How to Cope with Guilt When Your Child Gets Hurt

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2020

Hey There Mamas!

Just this last week I had a day where my toddler got pretty significantly hurt not one... not two... but THREE times in the span of two hours. First I was vacuuming in my bedroom and my two-year-old was on my bed. He decided it was a great idea to catapult himself onto a pillow and ended up falling off the bed and hitting his eye on the wooden bed frame causing a bruise and some bleeding. We got that cleaned up and within no more than 30 minutes he ran through the house, his hit head on the dining room table, and then fell back and hit the back of his head on the dining room floor. 

Thoughts going through my head

**Oh man, I should have been watching him more closely**

** Are people going to think I don't watch my kid since he has a cut by his eye??**

** How did I let this happen??**

**What is my (mother, husband, MIL, friend, etc) going to think when they see this??**

I decided he had a lot of energy and needed to run it off so we packed the stroller and...

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5 Things To Try When You're Feeling Depressed

Uncategorized Sep 21, 2020

Hey Mamas.

I wanted to come to you this week and share with you some of the 5 most helpful things I encourage mamas to try when their mood is low or they are feeling depressed. These are great to use even if you don't have an official diagnosis of depression - we all have our down days. Let's dive in!

1. Go Outside. There is something so special, so calming about being out in nature. Go to the park. Go for a walk around the block. If that all feels too much, just take off your shoes and put your feet in the grass for a bit. get some fresh air. It really helps.

2. Spend Time With A Friend. When you are struggling with depression or just having a down day, you may feel that it's your instinct to isolate yourself and be alone. Just because you feel this way, doesn't mean it's the best thing for you. Invite your friend over. Do a video chat. Go meet together at a park. Do something with someone you're close too and it will almost always lift your mood.

3. Have A Good...

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Self Care - Prioritizing Your Mental Health and Wellness

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2020

Hey Mamas.

I'm coming to you today to share with you a change I've made in my life recently that I think could be really helpful for you as well. For a long time, I had Tuesday nights set up to be nights I spend with my husband, and they still are. Each week, after we put our son in bed, we spend time together playing games, watching a movie, etc. We prioritize our time together. We prioritize our marriage.

Each week, as it would go by I, would find myself feeling tired, frustrated, and like I didn't even have any time for myself. The truth was, I wasn't prioritizing it. Not only was I spending Tuesday nights with my husband - but I was also spending Wednesday nights and Friday nights and Saturday nights - you get the picture.

I realized I did have time for me - I was just spending it with someone else. 

So a couple of weeks ago I made Wednesday 'Self Care Day'. This is the day I do WHAT I WANT during naptime and after my son is in bed. I don't schedule any work today. I don't...

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Gratitude: Your Free and Simple Guide to Feeling Happier and More Fulfilled

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2020

Hey Mamas,

I want to share with you a new practice that I started about 4 weeks ago that has done wonders for my mood and my outlook on my life.

I've started a daily gratitude practice.

Each morning I write down five things I'm grateful for. I try to be really specific. I don't just write 'my husband'. I write 'I'm grateful for my husband's kindness and how we were able to spend time together watching TV last night'. I write 'I'm grateful for this coffee, it's hot and warm and makes me feel great'. 

This week I've been writing things about my house. This house. Let's just be honest - there are many things I could focus on about this house that ARE NOT SO GREAT. One of the main things being that we have horrible plumbing and often have pipes back up and have to call a plumber. This happened again this week. I could choose to focus on the bad, the hard stuff, the stuff not going so well. Or I can focus on the good. Shifting your perspective can shift your mood. It can take you...

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5 Ways To Build Intimacy With Your Partner After Kids

Uncategorized Aug 21, 2020

Hey There Mamas! 

One of the biggest changes that happen in marriage or a partnership (I'm just going to say marriage for the rest of this blog post, but know this includes living together, partnerships, basically any romantic relationship with a child involved) is the introduction of a little baby. Before the baby, there was so much time to be together, have alone time, go on dates, and enjoy each other. It may have seemed effortless or you may have had to put in some work. Either way, the time was there. 

When a little one joins the mix - there is so much more to do! It's only natural for your focus to be on your baby, especially during those early weeks. However, if your focus remains only on your baby months into your little one's life - your relationship may start to suffer. 

It's easy to fall into those labels of Mom and Dad and forget about the labels of wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, partner, etc. We can start to see the other person...

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Self Care With Young Kids At Home

Uncategorized Aug 10, 2020

Now that you've got your free course - Let's get started! 

Today we are going to talk about a topic that is near to my heart - self-care. 

Sometimes people think of self-care as an indulgence. As something you can only afford if you have enough money, a sitter, endless amounts of time.

It can evoke images of bubbles baths and pedicures and going out shopping. 

That can be a type of self-care, yes, but today I want to talk to you about the self-care that saved my sanity. My first year of motherhood was ROUGH. Here are some of the things I learned to do along the way that have helped me get to a better place. A place I actually enjoy. The daily little things I do that help me feel calm, refreshed, and cared for as a woman and a mama- while also juggling work, COVID with a toddler, maintaining a healthy relationship with my husband, and so much more! 

Why I Didn't Practice Self Care

But first - I want to go through some of the obstacles together that keep a...

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How To Be Present In Your Motherhood

Uncategorized Aug 03, 2020

Hey Mama!

Today I wanted to share with you how I learned to stop those thoughts constantly creeping in about what I needed to do next, what I needed to remember, how I needed to clean the bathroom... yadayadayada. These thoughts would always come at the worst times.

When I was trying to play blocks with my son.

When I was trying to read a book for fun.

When I was trying to have some alone time with my husband.

These thoughts were relentless. They just kept coming. No matter if I wanted them to come or not.

These thoughts robbed me of my ability to be present in my motherhood and in my life. These thoughts made it to where I was constantly stressed, overwhelmed and I felt like I had a never-ending to-do list. These thoughts were no fun.

What's the solution you ask? How can you rid yourself of these thoughts too?

The answer ---> A simple 15-20 minute Mom CEO Meeting each week. 

Let me explain. 

A Mom CEO Meeting is a weekly time where you sit down, write out that...

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What is Postpartum Anxiety?

Uncategorized Jul 07, 2020

Hey There Mamas!

I wanted to write this blog post because I know we talk a lot about Postpartum Depression - but not many people know that there are MANY mood disorders that women experience during pregnancy and postpartum.

Postpartum anxiety is actually the one that I struggled with the most after my son was born. What it looked like for me was waking up at all hours checking to make sure he was breathing, not being able to rest even when he was resting, feeling amped up all the time, constantly getting up to 'do something' when there was nothing specific to be done, feeling like my mind would never shut off and worrying that something bad was going to happen.

If any of this sounds familiar - you may have been struggling with Postpartum Anxiety. You are not alone! As many as 6% of pregnant women and  1 in 10 postpartum women develop anxiety.

You might have anxiety if you experience:

  • Constant worry
  • Feeling that something bad is going to happen
  • Racing thoughts
  • Disturbances of...
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Affirmations to Change Your Life

Uncategorized May 21, 2020

Hey there mamas!

I wanted to write today to share some about the power of daily affirmations and how they can positively impact your daily life, your mood, and your view of yourself and the world.

Affirmations are phrases that you say to yourself to speak truth and life. Every day we have thousands of thoughts competing for space in our minds. Some days the negative thoughts take over, things feel dark and it is hard to feel like happiness or contentment will ever come again. Using affirmations as part of your daily routine can help combat these negative thoughts and give some positive, life-giving thoughts front and center space in your mind.

When picking out affirmations for yourself it's important that you feel something when you say them. For instance, I wouldn't use a daily affirmation of "I'm a millionaire" because that is not something the evokes truth or feeling inside of me. It's okay if you have thoughts that combat your affirmation, it doesn't have to feel 100% true. It...

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5 Things to Reduce Anxiety

Uncategorized May 08, 2020

Hey There!

I wanted to write this post to share some things that have worked for myself and for many clients to reduce overall anxiety as well as things you can do 'in the moment' when anxiety strikes. When you struggle with anxiety or find yourself in an unexpected stressful or overwhelming situation (think quarantine working from home with kids) it can be helpful to have some tools you can pull out to help you cope and get through the situation. These are my five favorite tools below.

  1. Grounding Techniques - My very favorite grounding technique involves all five of your senses. You stop what you're doing or stop those thoughts running through your mind and start naming something in the room you see, you smell, you hear, you touch, and that you can taste. Doing this takes you out of your mind, stops the racing thought, and brings you back in touch with the here and now. Engaging your senses in a great way to help reduce your immediate anxiety.
  2. Reduce Stimulation - Turn off the TV....
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