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Self Care - Prioritizing Your Mental Health and Wellness

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2020

Hey Mamas.

I'm coming to you today to share with you a change I've made in my life recently that I think could be really helpful for you as well. For a long time, I had Tuesday nights set up to be nights I spend with my husband, and they still are. Each week, after we put our son in bed, we spend time together playing games, watching a movie, etc. We prioritize our time together. We prioritize our marriage.

Each week, as it would go by I, would find myself feeling tired, frustrated, and like I didn't even have any time for myself. The truth was, I wasn't prioritizing it. Not only was I spending Tuesday nights with my husband - but I was also spending Wednesday nights and Friday nights and Saturday nights - you get the picture.

I realized I did have time for me - I was just spending it with someone else. 

So a couple of weeks ago I made Wednesday 'Self Care Day'. This is the day I do WHAT I WANT during naptime and after my son is in bed. I don't schedule any work today. I don't commit myself to anything. I keep the time free and open to do whatever I want.

Today I spent naptime doing some cleaning (because I felt the urge to clean) and then reading and drinking some tea.

Tonight I spent some time reading again and then I got really inspired to write this quick blog post to share about it. After I finish this up I'm going to do some calming yoga, diffuse some lavender and then take a nice hot shower before bed. 

The point is to do things that relax you, do things that fill you up, do things that give you joy, and help you feel calm and grounded. For me, that's reading, tea, yoga, writing, some light housework, and a shower. For you, it may be doing some kickboxing, going for a run, breaking out some art supplies, or having a night with friends. I'm naturally an introvert and I'm a highly sensitive person - so I CRAVE alone time, time to learn, and time to take care of myself. You may be an extravert and find that self-care for you is a girl's night. It can be whatever you need it to be. The point is - it's time to take care of you! Time to take off that mama hat and put on that 'person' hat for a bit. 

You can do this mama! Find an hour or two in your week that you can designate for you. It may take talking with your spouse and coordinating some time - but it's going to be so so worth it! 

You deserve love and the time it takes to love yourself well mama.

I'm here for you to support you, encourage you, and guide you on your journey to mental wellness.

You've got this mama!

Kylee Nelson, LMFT

C.E.O. of Fulfilled Motherhood Counseling


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