I am here to help you dig out, and start feeling better & happier

Are you pregnant or a new mama of a child under two?

Do you wake up and already feel overwhelmed by the day ahead? 

Have you had thoughts that scare you?

Do you feel exhausted all the time and like you never have any time for yourself?

Are you struggling to balance work, home, family and finding time for yourself?

If so - you're in the right place. You are not alone. I can help you. 

Motherhood doesn't have to be a struggle. 

Motherhood doesn't have to be hard.

Work with me to climb out of this darkness and begin to find joy and fulfillment in your life and in your motherhood. 


Work With Me

Motherhood doesn't have to be a struggle. These first few years don't have to feel so hard, so dark and so impossible. It is possible for your motherhood to feel lighter. It is possible for you to feel more present in your life and with your baby. It is possible for you to LOVE this season in your life. Let me help you lighten your load and free up some mental space so you can be the mom you want to be. 

Initial Consultation


What you will get:

  • 15-20 minutes with me via phone or video.
  • We will talk about your struggles and your goals.
  • I'll share how I can help.
  • If we are a good fit, we pick a monthly package and schedule your first session!
  • If we aren't a good fit, I'm happy to give you some other resources to help you along your journey to mental wellness. 
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Monthly Packages


Two 30 minute video sessions and unlimited messaging for 30 days

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Two 1 hour OR Four 30 minute video sessions and unlimited messaging for 30 days

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Four 1 hour video sessions and unlimited messaging for 30 days

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Are you still wondering if I can help you? 

It's normal to be cautious before investing your time and your money with someone. It's normal to be cautious before opening up.

I am a mom just like you. I had my own difficult journey with depression and anxiety postpartum. I have been up with a newborn 5 times in one night because he was struggling to sleep. I've spent hours worrying about having enough frozen milk to return to work. I've experienced shifts and changes in my marriage as we've adjusted to having another little one in the house. I've been in your shoes.

I'm also a licensed therapist. I've completed specialized training focused on helping women during pregnancy and postpartum achieve emotional wellness. I've worked with many pregnant and postpartum women and helped them gain the skills and confidence needed to take control of their mental health, improve their bond with their babies and improve their relationships. I believe I can help you too. 

It's this combination of real world experience and professional training that makes me the right person for the job. I can help you. You're not alone. With the right help, you can feel better. 

Work With Me